Harry's Bar Florence

An atmosphere of true elegance, where the splendid Murano glass lamps illuminate the rooms at Harry's Bar in Florence by giving them a unique charm and unchanged over time; the reception and the courtesy of the staff, and the timeless views of Florence are the perfect setting to enjoy a lunch or a dinner where you use all five senses.

The search for raw materials of consistently high quality, related to seasonality and florentine and tuscan territory, are wisely worked with attention to discover the original flavors typical to our culture in respect to a tradition with continuous evolution. In the kitchen of Harry's Bar there is a philosophy of focus on lightness, digestibility, and enhancement of the exaltation of flavors and ingredients chosen for its quality and links with the area.

Harry's Bar offers unique dishes that fascinate demanding palates. A gastronomic journey unique charm and atmosphere are accompanied by a dining room staff able to make the customer feel more at home. You can enjoy the famous Harry's pleasing appetizers served before starting the meal and matched with the famous Bellini cocktail , the famous noodles of fresh pasta au gratin with ham, prawns curry with rice pilaf or the beef tartare (which is, by the way, a very traditional florentine food as well), now recognized by all as the best in Florence.